1. attention: blog overhaul

    To those who will get a notice of unfollowing from this account and will mind it:

    It’s nothing personal, I probably follow you in my main account, where the action really happens (realitivity), the thing is that I started this blog to have an escape from usual/ bad / emotionally - intense vibes whenever I wanted/needed to and I’ve just decided to have a dashboard overhaul on this dashboard, keeping everything pretty, plain, and all smiley smiley, it’s really nothing personal, I probably like you if I even decided to follow you in the first place, but I have specific stuff in mind that I want to show up in this blog from now on. :) Please don’t start thinking that I think you’re really negative or whatever, or that having opinions is a bad thing, it’s really not. I just need to depersonalise my dashboard as I personalise my blog content. I hope that makes sense!

    Have a wonderful day/night and be well, healthy and happy!

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